Dávid Schütz

Short biography:

My name is David Schütz (also known as @xdavidhu), and I’m a 17 years old high school student in Szeged. I have been doing security since 2016 and started by developing open source tools for pentesters and hackers to perform different attacks on networks easily and quickly. My first tool called ‘mitmAP’ got trending on Reddit, and now it has 1000+ stars on GitHub. Last year, after doing some web development I got interested in bug bounty and web security, and after a few months of research and learning, I started doing it properly in the summer of 2018. Since, I found quite a few bugs and got recognized on the Hall of Fame of big companies like Under Armour, DigitalOcean, and Binance. In July I earned the 2018 MVP hacker status on the bug bounty platform called Bugcrowd. Besides bug bounty and web development, I’m also the co-host of the InsecureSpace security podcast, where we talk about our experiences in the hacker/maker community.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xdavidhu
GitHub: https://github.com/xdavidhu
Website: https://xdavidhu.me/